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Determination, Love, and Maturity

12/02/2009 16:09
  Topic Tracking: Determination Determination 1: During Billy's spare time from helping Papa, he goes down to the fishermen's campground and collects left-behind items. One day, he finds a sporting magazine. Inside is an advertisement for hunting hounds. They are $25 each. Although Billy has...

book summary

11/16/2009 13:47
    Billy Colman, now a grown man, reflects back on the year he got his dogs and the events that happened afterwards. Billy, a ten-year old boy from the Ozarks, has an unyielding desire to have two hunting hounds of his own. He repeatedly asks his parents for the dogs, but considering...

Website launched

11/02/2009 20:30
Our new website has been launched today. I have started this website to help you with uderstanding the book, and enjoying the book.

First blog

11/02/2009 20:30
How do you like this book so far? How can you relate to the characters?

Wilson Rawls

11/02/2009 13:47
      Wilson Rawls was born on September 24, 1913, in Scraper, Oklahoma to Minzy and Winnie (Hatfield) Rawls.He grew up on a farm in the Ozark Mountains. Since there were no schools in the area, Rawls’ mother taught Wilson and his sisters how to read and write. Rawls’ grandmother...
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